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The debate of 'PRO'...

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What do YOU think the word 'pro' means (when used in graphics)?

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The debate of 'PRO'...

Post  Admin - (Erratic) on Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:05 am

Well, most of you probably know about the huge 'PRO' graphics debate going around on HL boards and forums at the moment. For those that don't know, the idea is, that people are sick and tired of seeing beginner graphic makers (and graphic makers in general) calling themselves and their graphicss 'PRO', when they infact are not. The point is, that it is misleading and just not right. What do you all think?

Here's my view on it all...

'Pro' stands for the word 'Professional' >> If you're a 'Professional', you work in a career, occupation or job of some form >> If you're graphics are professional, you work in a job, occupation or career of some form that involves graphics (such as Graphic Designer, Web Designer, etc...) >> Thus, if you do not work professionally with graphics, you are not 'PRO'.

Anyone else's opinions?
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