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All About Critique

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All About Critique Empty All About Critique

Post  Admin - (Erratic) on Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:27 pm

Some info on Critique to help out those who are unsure.

Critique is when one person gives feedback to another person, regarding one of their graphics or something similar. Good Critique is usually a mix of critisism and compliments about a work.

Constructive Critique is when the feedback given contains helpful information that could improve the graphic. For example, if the Critiquer mentioned 'I think you could use more shading on the horse's tail, and less on his mane', that would be a piece of good contructive critique, as it will help the person to improve on his or her artwork.

Here's an excellent example of a good piece of Constructive Critisism... (written by myself)

Your work is excellent, well done!
I love the overall feel of the image, and the horse suits the background perfectly.
You've done a beautiful job on the mane and tail, they flow very smoothly and look almost life-like.
Although, I think that the hooves are not dark enough, and some shading could be used there. Also, the horse's eye needs to be darkened a little, otherwise it looks too bright in contrast with the entire darkness of the image.
You've done a great job with crediting your sources, and using Stock imagery only, as well.
Overall, excellent job! There are a few things that could improve this graphic, but otherwise, it's a wonderful example of hard work achieveing fabulous results.

See? It's not that hard at all. Make sure you give peoper grammer and punctuation when critiquing.

Here's a not-so-good example of Critique (written be myself, to show how it should not be done!)...

nice work on dis img
it looks awsomee nice horse is that an arabian looks pretty
overall great job cant find any faults thx

Why is it bad? A few reasons... Spelling mistakes, terrible grammer, it doesn't give reasons why the image is good, and it doesn't provide helpful information that could be used to improve the graphic. I also starts to fade off and talk about the breed of horse in the graphic, rather than focusing on the overall graphic itself.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, you're all clued-up on giving and recieving critique now.
Have fun! cheers
Admin - (Erratic)
Admin - (Erratic)

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