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I'll start it off, by introducing myself! :)

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I'll start it off, by introducing myself! :) Empty I'll start it off, by introducing myself! :)

Post  Admin - (Erratic) on Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:50 am

Well, I'll start off this new forum with a little info about myself...

Most call me Erratic on HL (just a random name, haha, not my real one!). I was the one who created this forum for you all to enjoy! XD
I've been creating graphics for over 5yrs, and using Photoshop for over 3yrs. I'm working on my soon-to-be-released website,, which will contain tutorials and guides, as well as program information and plenty of hints and tips.

I specialize in photomanipulations, mainly of horses. I ride as often as I can, usually wednesday's and saturdays (every other day is spent working on schoolwork!). I'm currently focusing on Showjumping.

Hope you all enjoy the forum! cheers
Feel free to post about yourself, remember!
Admin - (Erratic)
Admin - (Erratic)

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